One of the largest manufacturers of wooden houses in Poland.

Our Offer

currently includes more than 200 timber log building projects

Our mission is to realise your vision of not just a house, but the haven of your dreams.

All of the featured house projects are built to the standard of year-round wooden houses made of logs. Wooden houses can be built according to your requirements and tastes from beautiful rectangular or semicircular wooden logs coming from pure ecological Bieszczady forests.

Dom z Bieszczad - Dom z Bieszczad - pień drzewa

It is possible to purchase the project itself without our workmanship.

If you do not find the right house design for you, any other design can be supplied to us. We build houses according to both catalogue and individual projects.
Additionally, we would like to inform you that we make adaptations of the projects to our technology and we also run a design office where we design any individual wooden houses (solid construction; warm, year-round, ecological wooden houses with hand-decorated elements). We would like to inform you that there is a possibility to make changes in the type project:

  • changing the size and position of windows and doors
  • rearrangement of partition walls inside the house
  • redesigning the terrace
  • change of external shapes of the house, volume (we perform only if we are a contractor)
  • redesigning the garage (we perform only if we are a contractor)
  • change of location and shape of the wooden stairs
  • change of execution technology
  • design of basements (we perform only if we are a contractor)
  • any changes taking into account individual preferences and needs of the investor (we perform only if we are a contractor)

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Dom z Bieszczad - Dom z Bieszczad - realizacje - dom z bali

our Realisations

See photos of our realisations of ecological and year-round timber log houses. The photo gallery also includes timber inns and pensions, garages and timber stables, as well as timber summer houses



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