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About us

We are a manufacturer of wooden houses and have a long family tradition.

We can boast of having built more than 187 timber log houses and many other buildings and structures such as garages, stables, terraces, etc. As a construction company, we specialize in the installation and production of year-round wooden log houses. We also have a professional carpentry shop at our site and 9 wood drying chambers, each 15 mb long. Thanks to this, in our offer you can additionally find:

  • wooden interior stairs (oak, larch, fir)
  • external stairs
  • insulated exterior doors made of solid wood
  • interior doors made of solid wood
  • gazebos, terraces, garden furniture
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Why build and live in a wooden log house?

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Aesthetics and atmosphere

Wooden houses have a specific charm and a specific so-called ‘soul’, both from the outside and inside the house.

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Wood ensures that the right indoor humidity is maintained. It absorbs excess moisture and, in dry periods, gives it back to ensure the right humidity for humans.

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The cost of building a year-round wooden log house is lower than a brick house. In addition, maintenance costs (heating, façade maintenance) are much cheaper and easier.

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The assembly time for a log house with a floor area of 120m2 is about 4 weeks for the shell closed.

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We can keep the interiors in log houses in the specific climate and charm that communing with nature gives us, such as the living room. Some of the rooms can be made in the standard of a brick house.


We hold a building product certificate which includes Scots pine, Norway spruce, European larch and European silver fir. As a result, the houses we build and the products we manufacture are characterised by extraordinary strength, long-term durability and high aesthetic quality.

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