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Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
Timber log houses Designes timber log houses projects
Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
ISO F9001 certyficate

Projects of log houses

Below, we present You one of the ready-made projects of log houses. All projects of log houses are realized by us as a year-long timber log houses with half-rounded or rectangular logs. We inform additionally that it is possible to adapt the project of wood-frame house or brick house to technology of timber log houses. Ready-made projects of wooden houses posted on our website are compatible with the technology of a year-long wooden houses. The customer can always provide to our company which produces wooden houses, individual project! Although you should bear in mind that not every project has the ability of adaptation. If we are going to be a building contractor, please contact us before you buy the project in a different design office.

Visualization of the project

feria dr vis 1
feria dr vis 2

Name of the project: Feria dr

Code of the project: feria

External walls made of timber logs 12 x 18cm + wool insulation with the thickness of 5 up to 20cm. Four options of internal finish - imitation of half-rounded log, imitation of rectangular log, wall board with the thickness of 2,5cm or plasterboard with plywood.

Parameters of the house

Total area0.00 m2
Usable floor area:242.80 m2
House build up area:196.00 m2
Cubature:1243.30 m3
Cellar area:93.90 m2
Ground floor area:155.00 m2
First floor area:0.00 m2
Secound floor area:0.00 m2
Attic area:87.80 m2
Garage area:48.60 m2
Balcony area:8.00 m2
Terrace area:13.15 m2
Other areas:0.00 m2
Inclination angle of the roof:40.00 m2
House height:9.07 m2
Dimensions of the building site:23.00 m x 29.10 m

Section and location on the site

feria dr location

Location on site

Elevations of the house

feria dr front elevation

Front elevation

feria dr left hand side elevation

Left hand side elevation

feria rear elevation

Rear elevation

feria dr rear elevation

Right hand side elevation

Cellar plan

feria cellar plan
1. Corridor 11.60 m2
2. Storage room 3.90 m2
3. Boiler room 5.70 m2
4. Bathroom 6.30 m2
5. Wardrobe 3.70 m2
6. Gym 16.70 m2
7. Living room 30.00 m2
8. Room 16.00 m2

Ground floor plan

feria ground floor plan
1. Hall 4.30 m2
2. Hall 20.00 m2
3. Corridor 2.90 m2
4. Toilet 3.60 m2
5. Bathroom 7.10 m2
6. Kitchen 8.20 m2
7. Dining room 9.70 m2
8. Pantry room 1.90 m2
9. Living room 31.80 m2
10. Study 16.90 m2
11. Garage 48.60 m2

First floor plan

feria first floor plan
1. Corridor 7.00 m2
2. Bathroom 3.90 m2
3. Bathroom 8.10 m2
4. Bedroom 21.00 m2
5. Bedroom 21.00 m2
6. Bedroom 9.80 m2
7. Bathroom 2.10 m2
8. Room 11.30 m2
9. Wardrobe 3.60 m2
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We also wish to inform you that you can purchase the project itself without our workmanship.

If you will not find any suitable project for you, then you can deliver to us any other. We build a Timber log houses according to both typical and individual projects. We are able to make an adaptation of your project to our technology and we are conducting design office in which we can make for you any individual project of wooden house (a robust structure, warm and year-long ecological Timber log house with manually finished elements).

We inform you that it is possible to make a modifications of the project as mentioned below: