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F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.


Town: Jaslo
Street: Mickiewicza 108
Zip code: 38-200
County: podkarpackie
Country: Poland

Phone number:+48 13 491 50 86
Fax: +48 13 491 49 50

BEng MEng Wiesław Twaróg -
Mobile phone: +48 609 500 908

BEng MEng Szymon Kuc -
Mobile phone: +48 603 389 908

NIP: 684-23-71-711
REGON: 371179655

E-mail address:

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Because of technical problems contact form is currently unavailable. Please use your private emailbox to contact with our company using email address located on our website.

We encourage you heartily to built a house with the use of our company. It will be ecological and all year round Timber log house, with so called soul, and extraordinary charm emphasized by manually finished elements (you can see the pictures in section /Pictures of the Timber log houses built by our company/). In case of any questions or problems please contact with our office by email or telephone.


Bank account no: 84 8642 1083 2002 8308 8456 0001

Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy w Sanoku

Oddział w Krośnie - 38-400 Krosno