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Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
Timber log houses Designes timber log houses projects
Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
Wooden houses
F.P.H.U. Dom z Bieszczad s.c.
Full seson timber log houses
ISO F9001 certyficate

About Dom z Bieszczad

Manufacturer of wooden houses "Dom z Bieszczad" is a company with a long family tradition. We are proud of the construction of over 100 houses of timber and many other buildings and structures such as garages, stables, terraces, etc. As a construction company we are specializing in the assembly and production of year-round timber log houses. We also have a professional woodworking shop and 9 timber drying chambers with a length of 15 meters each. Thanks to this we can offer:

In order to meet expectations of our unique clients we have also introduced the execution of foundations, chimneys, interior installations and buildings constructed with traditional methods as well as steel structures. In buildings constructed using traditional, we are very often finishing elevations with the half-round or rectangular wooden imitation of wooden log.

The aim of the company is to satisfy investor`s expectations both in range of the quality, robustness-and-aesthetics of the building. In our offer we have ready-made projects for timber houses, houses in wood-frame construction, commercial buildings, garages, stables, guest houses and wooden pubs which we have pleasure-and-honour to present You on our website. We also have our own design studio, where we make for our customers individual designs of timber log houses. The year-long Timber log houses are also realized by us according to projects delivered to us by investors. Moreover we prepare adaptations of the houses designed in brick technology-and-changed into our technology, e.g. timber log houses.

The whole manufacturing process of woodworking with effect from sawing, seasoning, brewing, drying, up to final product which is ecological, year-round Timber log house, take place in our company. Our highly qualified staff guarantee high quality and the neighborhood of the large natural region Bieszczady enables us to offer competitive prices. We gather the trees for logs from ecological and clean Bieszczady forests. It is a fir, spruce, oak and larch.

We propose to our clients to arrange instalments for payment of the mortgage. All the necessary cost calculations, both for bank and investor we do free of charge.

Why it is worth to build and live in Timber log house?

Esthetics and climate
Timber log houses have specific charm and so-called artistic soul, both external and internal.
Wood guarantee to keep a humidity at constant level inside the building. Wood absorbs excess humidity and return it in dry periods ensuring suitable humidity for human. Brick houses are too air-tight and do not allow walls to breathe.
The cost of the Timber log house is lower than cost of brick house. Additional cost of maintain (heating, running repairs) is much cheaper and easier.
Time needed for realization of the Tibmberlog house
Time of erection of The Timber log house with usable area equals about 120 square meters takes average 4 weeks for construction stage with house finished from outside.
Operational and practical use
We can keep an interior of the Timber log house in charm and friendly atmosphere. It is provided by spending time with nature, e.g. living room. Some of compartment rooms may be finished like standard brick house e.g., bedrooms (smooth walls made of plywood and plasterboard), bathroom, kitchen (walls finished with ceramic shallows).